Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Final Bend

Thursday - January 19

Today we still wait to learn when Jesse will be born. On Monday we had another visit to Riverside for an ultrasound & a very short visit with our doctor there. For many reasons, we have come to the place where we need to schedule an induced labor procedure, and that must take place in Columbus. The possibility of waiting for labor to begin naturally and delivering in Athens has been eliminated at the local hospital for procedural reasons; Columbus is now our only choice.

We called Riverside at 8AM on Tuesday - it if Thursday evening now, with no word in reply on a date. Our OB in Athens even inquired to us, and will call Riverside tomorrow. It is ironic that in a medical world where every pregnancy issue must be addressed with absolute speed, ours seems to have been forgotten in the rush.

No matter. The act of requesting that we be scheduled has been the equivalent of complete surrender to all aspects of what we hoped for this pregnancy from beginning until now, and with that, a sense of calm. I honestly do not believe that we will make it another week - Hanna is looking very ready to deliver; Jesse is turned where he is supposed to be, and a bit of peace has come over us for the moment. For now, there is the chance that we will begin labor naturally before our scheduled time in Columbus and travel no farther than our local hospital - our OB here stated his complete readiness to assist in the delivery if we could not make it to Columbus.

To have Jesse's birth happen in the manner that nature intended would be a bittersweet blessing. Wherever we are, whenever Jesse comes into this world, I have learned that it will be exactly as it needs to be if we allow it. We enter this weekend with the snow falling, no plans, and unlimited opportunity to be together as a family. The mental and emotional chaos of the past months has subsided. Jesse's fate after he comes into our world is in God's hands, but that can take nothing away from the miracle of his arrival. We anxiously await the moment that we will assist in his passage to us, and meet him for the first time.

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