Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday January 24th, 2011

Right Now:

enjoying the day old cup of coffee because it was no work to make.

snuggling with my littlest boy Garrett while watching Bert and Ernie

listening to a little Jack Johnson

blessed by friends, prayers, peace only found through acceptance, a husband that is my rock of support, the generous hearts of the people near me, for my family,...for friends,....

This week is the end of one chapter of our journey and the beginning of a new chapter. I have no idea as to what this week will bring, except a lot of pain and hopeful for the peace that will follow. A wise priest once told me that you can only experience as much joy as you have pain. I pray for the peace and joy that will someday follow the pain.

We are going to meet Jesse this week. In only a few days. There is no way to prepare myself for this, so I focus on preparing myself and my body for the labor that must come first. Prepare myself for the incredible work that must take place to bring Jesse into this world. I am anxiously awaiting for the contractions to come, for the feelings of pushing, and most of all for the time I get to hold and see our son, our Angel, our little Jesse.

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