Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dan and I have been really struggling with Jesse's fate and how much we share. But, we both feel we must share all of his story and honor his life now.

All the Doctors we have talked to and that have been taking care of us have one thing to tell us:

Jesse's chest is not growing. His lungs are not developing. His life will be very short.

We have been told that his body and chest are "stuck" at 17 weeks gestation and that he is not expected to be able to breathe on his own. No time will "fix" him or "cure" him. His ribs are not growing, and therefore there is no physical space for his lungs. His big and beautiful heart that we hear every week is taking up almost his entire chest cavity.

I feel Jesse kicking and moving almost everyday, he is a strong little boy inside me. And we want to honor his life and love him while we can.

He is our angel.

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